Welcome to Radius Pipe Bending & Fabricating. We are locally owned and operated and were established in 1980.

In our conception we were a supplier of piping products for the utility industry. This included the bending of PVC pipe, steel pipe, pipe cutting and threading of all sizes. A short time later mobile bending, threading and fabricating were added. Many products then followed for the different trades: plumbers, electricians, lighting and irrigation, roll bars and bumpers and custom handrails as well as other special parts.

In the 80’s Bike Racks were introduced by our company. Many models and styles were designed by our organization. Today RPB Bike Racks are still a main stay as we have developed into one of the largest manufactures on the west coast. You will see our bike racks in all states. Some cities have put our bike rack in exclusively. Just look around and you will see The Radius Bike Rack everywhere: Hospitals - Schools - Malls - Stores - Parks -and more.

As the demand for our company grew, we grew doubling our company size and facilities every few years.

In the 90’s our company moved into the marine industry. Our products included stainless steel boat rails, yacht towers, ski towers and many custom products.

In the present we find ourselves with state of the art new equipment and a beautiful manufacturing facility. With a recent addition of a new powder coating division. Yes in today’s world lots of companies can offer the same services, but at RPB we offer a quicker turn around and a much superior product.

Call or come in and experience this for yourself and find out what others already know!


Our success can be attributed to several things.

Number 1 - Our customers. We believe on delivering a good product made with the highest quality materials and excellent workmanship on time.

Number 2 - Our employees are skilled, knowledgeable and quality individuals producing a quality product.


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